Slowing the processed beast

Day 7.  193.2 lbs.  

Over the past couple of days writing on here, I've come to realize that I eat a lot of processed foods.  Not necessarily junk food, like chips and candy all the time, but a lot of foods that have ingredients I shouldn't have to try to pronounce.  That's something I'm going to work on over the next couple of weeks.

Today started out with a bar, not a terrible one but processed nonetheless.

Lunch was a half hoagie cheese sandwich.  Not the most wonderful, but I normally would eat chips with it and I didn't this time.  Score 1 point for me in the battle of food addictions.  I can have a lunch sandwich without chips, and not die of starvation!

I also had some filling snacks throughout the day; bananas before lunch, and peanut butter toast with chia seeds and a small amount of jelly with a couple of leftover apple slices.  There may have been a couple of handfuls of popcorn in there too.

Dinner was brought to you by Hello Fresh.  It's a meal delivery service, in case you've been living under a rock, and you make the meals following the enormous recipe cards included with the pre-preportioned food.  I received this box free because someone shared a code with me.  I am not an affiliate of Hello Fresh.  

The meal was tedious to make, and had a lot of wasteful packaging, but was really good nonetheless.  It incorporated things I'd never have thought of on my own, like roasting chickpeas after covering them in paprika.  Seriously yummy, but not feasible on a regular basis.  

Tomorrow we're heading to the farmers market to load up on veggies and cheeses.  Less processed foods are in my future, stay tuned to see what!

Quick post

Day 5.  194.6 lbs.



This won't be a pic heavy post, because I'm a real person, with a real job.  Time is a freaking precious commodity. 

It was an eat all the things kind of day, but mostly snacks and fighting hunger.  My day consisted of bars, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, popcorn, peanut m&ms, veggie lasagna and mac n cheese.  None in large quantities, but not healthy by any means.  

I do so much better when I start my day with a protein shake, I'm not as hungry and I make better four choices.  A lesson for tomorrow morning.

Peanut butter crack

Day 4.  195.4 lbs.

Tonight is going to be a quick one.  I was in training most of the day, and chained to my computer the rest of the time.  Breakfast was another protein shake, sorry no picture.  I pretty much failed on pictures all day. 

Lunch was a sandwich stuffed with vegetables and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing and a bag of these chips.

My snacks throughout the day were the peanut butter crackers above, which I can no longer have because they are literally crack, pumpkin seeds and ten peanut M&Ms...yes I countedThe guy next to me in training looked at me and said he wasn't even allowed to look at the crackers or he'd eat them all.  I know exactly how he feels.

Dinner tonight was a mixture of colorful veggies, and was pretty filling.  Asparagus, purple potatoes with red onions, and an edamame/zucchini/tomato curry with mozzarella cheese.  

My husband and munchkin made brownies with sprinkles yesterday.  Right?!  Save me from the brownies.  I could eat all the brownies, but instead made the choice to have this bar as a snack tonight.  It was actually good, which is not common when you find a plant based bar. 

The munchkin and I started a running program tonight.  I'm using what I've learned in my run coaching program, and taking the time to teach him how to run.  He didn't like it, but didn't hate it either.  I might have bribed him with money.  I have no shame.  

Let it snow

Day 3.  195.4 lbs.

Yes, it's April and yes, that is snow.  The thing that is amazing about Minnesota is that every day can be different.  Sixty degree swing in temperature from morning to night, easy peasy.  Sunburn to snow in the same week, not even a challenge.  Same weather day after day, you'll have to go somewhere else. 

I would have liked to be anywhere else today, but only because I spent nine hours in training...and I get to do it again tomorrow.  Drinking at work is a thing right?  Seriously, can someone spot me a tequila shot tomorrow?!  

I started the day off with a protein shake because I had about 5 minutes for breakfast.  Early riser I am not.

I kicked myself over lunch today.  I should have brought my own lunch, because it's inevitable that the lunch they provide at work will be unhealthy and I will want to eat it all.  Cheese pizza for the win?!  It may look ugly but it's from one of the best pizza places in the area so I will only slightly complain about free carb loaded food, and admit to a third piece that happened after this photo was taken.

I had two different snacks in the afternoon.  The first was basically nuts and candy, and it was the "healthy" option in the room.  Later I remembered that I had pumpkin seeds and almonds, and pumpkin seeds are like crack.  Yes, I ate them all. 

Dinner was a protein shake made of cashew milk, chocolate protein powder, and blueberries.  It was phenomenal, and kept me full.  Unfortunately, the picture I took was as atrocious as my meeting today.  I'll spare you.

What I've learned so far with tracking through photos is that I eat too much processed food.  My goal for the rest of the week is to replace one processed meal with a whole food instead.  Wish me luck!

Training the day away

Day Two.  195.4 lbs.

Today was an odd day out.  I was supposed to go for a run this morning, but ended up doing two hours of yard work instead.  This was followed up by six hours of run coach training, indoors...on a Sunday.  I might be mentally exhausted.  

I haven't mentioned it before, but I'm a running coach for new runners through a local moms running group.  We have a new season starting in a few weeks, and today was the yearly training program.  I loved the training, but unfortunately it made meal planning and photographing difficult.  I took what photos I could, but the lighting was poor, but here is a breakdown of my meals today:

The world's ugliest omelet with cheddar cheese, onions and ketchup.  Yes, I love ketchup that much.  Also, I don't like eggs and I'm a vegetarian...I eat them for the protein only.

Lunch was a boxed salad, banana and a cookie.  Followed with a protein shake, apple slices, pumpkin seeds and trail mix as snacks later in the day. I finished out the day with some crackers and cheese, and a brownie.  

Today was not a good food day, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it.  I struggle with eating whenever I'm out of my normal environment, tomorrow I'm back to the grind and it's another opportunity to make better choices.


Day one.  I weighed in at 196.4 lbs.  I'll try to share scale pictures, but my bedroom clearly needs better lighting.  

Today was supposed to be a long run day, but instead ended up being a lazy at home family day and it was mentally needed.  Sometimes you just need to snuggle on a couch and rewatch movies with those you love.  Sometimes being at peace provides an opportunity to see things clearly.  

I woke up late today and ate a late brunch.  Red potatoes and onions, with this amazing rosemary garlic seasoning.  Scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheddar cheese and cashew milk.  And ketchup, because ketchup is a food group that I refuse to give up.  


Since breakfast and lunch were combined I had two snacks this afternoon.  A small gala apple with peanut butter and a Svelte Chocolate Shake.  

Dinner was two small plates of salad while out with friends.  It was at a place that has phenomenal sweet potato french fries, but I was able to hold back from ordering and inhaling an entire basket of them.  My salads had more dressing than they should have, but I consider this a win.

Disclaimer:  I'm not a food blogger or a photographer.  I like my food well done and crispy, and my camera is my iPhone.  You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit.


Grand Canyon, 2017

Grand Canyon, 2017

I am uncomfortable.  I am uncomfortable in my own skin.  I am uncomfortable with my relationship with food.  I have an addiction, and that is addiction is food.  It has made me uncomfortable for years, and for a while I had a handle on it.  For the past year I have not. 

I let myself make crappy food and exercise decisions.  I eat sugar like I'll never see it again, and its time to admit that I have a food addiction and I need help.  I eat constantly, even when I'm not hungry.  

I let myself step on the scale today and saw a number I hoped to never see again, 200.  I'm done.  

Starting today, I'm going to be honest about my weight loss journey.  I'm going to share pictures of every single thing I eat, I'm going to share posts of the exercise I do, and I'm going to share my weight loss or gain as it happens.  I'll be honest with myself and with you.  

What are you afraid of?

Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota 2016

Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota 2016

I'm afraid of heights, which this beast of a lighthouse made me conquer this summer. The munchkin wanted to go to the top and even though I've done it before it terrifies me. So up we went, because of course I need to make sure he doesn't fall from the clearly unsafe spiral staircase. He'd tell you I'm dramatic, he'd be right.  

I have goals in my family life and goals in my running life, and to be honest I'm afraid to fail. I've just committed to a big goal in my running life and I'm excited but terrified to share it.  

I SIGNED UP FOR A 50K. Holy Shit. In approximately 4.5 months, I'm going to run 31 miles. In the same day. By choice. 

My first marathon in October almost did me in. I didn't train enough, mentally or physically. I made bad decisions during the race, and it was way longer than it needed to be. I have a medal, friends and family that were there every step of the way, and the proof in my Strava account. BUT I didn't make the cutoff so I don't have my name on the results page. To be honest, it bugs me.  I'm signed up for another marathon as a chance to redeem myself, but an Ultramarathon is my ultimate goal.  

So...I'm committing myself to blogging about my training, nutrition, success AND failures. I hope you'll help keep me on track.  

Out with the old.

It was -21, yes you read that right, on Sunday morning when we woke up to a broken furnace.  Not a fixable furnace, but a broken one.  The exchanger had a crack and the motor burned up, smoke and all.  

While waiting for the repair man AKA the man with all the power, we realized that the furnace on the left was 38 years old!  Most furnaces only last 20 years, so we were lucky to get the extra years out of it but it was horribly inefficient.  The furnace on the right, well that new baby runs at 96% efficiency.  It's got a fantastic warranty and if taken care of it could last as long as the work horse on the left.  

So we've survived 4 days with space heaters, but this whole experience made me rethink my own efficiency.  I'm 39, I'm older than the broken furnace, but I should have a lot more years to go.  IF I start taking better care of myself.  If I treated my body and mind as if it were shiny and new, how much further could I go in life?  Could I run faster, could I be a better spouse and parent, could I finally commit to the blog I've been wanting to do for years?  

I think its time to try.

Why do you run?

Minnesota, 2016

Minnesota, 2016

Do you ever wonder why people run?  I'm often curious about peoples motivation. Are they running towards something, or running from something. Do they run for the fitness, the friendship, the solitude?  

Personally, its a combination of different things. I like how I feel afterwards, but sometimes I really hate it. I love the camaraderie of running with a group of ladies who get me and my crazy energy. I love challenging myself to run in the elements. 

Most of all I like seeing what I can do and how far I can go.