Out with the old.

It was -21, yes you read that right, on Sunday morning when we woke up to a broken furnace.  Not a fixable furnace, but a broken one.  The exchanger had a crack and the motor burned up, smoke and all.  

While waiting for the repair man AKA the man with all the power, we realized that the furnace on the left was 38 years old!  Most furnaces only last 20 years, so we were lucky to get the extra years out of it but it was horribly inefficient.  The furnace on the right, well that new baby runs at 96% efficiency.  It's got a fantastic warranty and if taken care of it could last as long as the work horse on the left.  

So we've survived 4 days with space heaters, but this whole experience made me rethink my own efficiency.  I'm 39, I'm older than the broken furnace, but I should have a lot more years to go.  IF I start taking better care of myself.  If I treated my body and mind as if it were shiny and new, how much further could I go in life?  Could I run faster, could I be a better spouse and parent, could I finally commit to the blog I've been wanting to do for years?  

I think its time to try.