What are you afraid of?

Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota 2016

Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota 2016

I'm afraid of heights, which this beast of a lighthouse made me conquer this summer. The munchkin wanted to go to the top and even though I've done it before it terrifies me. So up we went, because of course I need to make sure he doesn't fall from the clearly unsafe spiral staircase. He'd tell you I'm dramatic, he'd be right.  

I have goals in my family life and goals in my running life, and to be honest I'm afraid to fail. I've just committed to a big goal in my running life and I'm excited but terrified to share it.  

I SIGNED UP FOR A 50K. Holy Shit. In approximately 4.5 months, I'm going to run 31 miles. In the same day. By choice. 

My first marathon in October almost did me in. I didn't train enough, mentally or physically. I made bad decisions during the race, and it was way longer than it needed to be. I have a medal, friends and family that were there every step of the way, and the proof in my Strava account. BUT I didn't make the cutoff so I don't have my name on the results page. To be honest, it bugs me.  I'm signed up for another marathon as a chance to redeem myself, but an Ultramarathon is my ultimate goal.  

So...I'm committing myself to blogging about my training, nutrition, success AND failures. I hope you'll help keep me on track.