Let it snow

Day 3.  195.4 lbs.

Yes, it's April and yes, that is snow.  The thing that is amazing about Minnesota is that every day can be different.  Sixty degree swing in temperature from morning to night, easy peasy.  Sunburn to snow in the same week, not even a challenge.  Same weather day after day, you'll have to go somewhere else. 

I would have liked to be anywhere else today, but only because I spent nine hours in training...and I get to do it again tomorrow.  Drinking at work is a thing right?  Seriously, can someone spot me a tequila shot tomorrow?!  

I started the day off with a protein shake because I had about 5 minutes for breakfast.  Early riser I am not.

I kicked myself over lunch today.  I should have brought my own lunch, because it's inevitable that the lunch they provide at work will be unhealthy and I will want to eat it all.  Cheese pizza for the win?!  It may look ugly but it's from one of the best pizza places in the area so I will only slightly complain about free carb loaded food, and admit to a third piece that happened after this photo was taken.

I had two different snacks in the afternoon.  The first was basically nuts and candy, and it was the "healthy" option in the room.  Later I remembered that I had pumpkin seeds and almonds, and pumpkin seeds are like crack.  Yes, I ate them all. 

Dinner was a protein shake made of cashew milk, chocolate protein powder, and blueberries.  It was phenomenal, and kept me full.  Unfortunately, the picture I took was as atrocious as my meeting today.  I'll spare you.

What I've learned so far with tracking through photos is that I eat too much processed food.  My goal for the rest of the week is to replace one processed meal with a whole food instead.  Wish me luck!