Peanut butter crack

Day 4.  195.4 lbs.

Tonight is going to be a quick one.  I was in training most of the day, and chained to my computer the rest of the time.  Breakfast was another protein shake, sorry no picture.  I pretty much failed on pictures all day. 

Lunch was a sandwich stuffed with vegetables and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing and a bag of these chips.

My snacks throughout the day were the peanut butter crackers above, which I can no longer have because they are literally crack, pumpkin seeds and ten peanut M&Ms...yes I countedThe guy next to me in training looked at me and said he wasn't even allowed to look at the crackers or he'd eat them all.  I know exactly how he feels.

Dinner tonight was a mixture of colorful veggies, and was pretty filling.  Asparagus, purple potatoes with red onions, and an edamame/zucchini/tomato curry with mozzarella cheese.  

My husband and munchkin made brownies with sprinkles yesterday.  Right?!  Save me from the brownies.  I could eat all the brownies, but instead made the choice to have this bar as a snack tonight.  It was actually good, which is not common when you find a plant based bar. 

The munchkin and I started a running program tonight.  I'm using what I've learned in my run coaching program, and taking the time to teach him how to run.  He didn't like it, but didn't hate it either.  I might have bribed him with money.  I have no shame.