Slowing the processed beast

Day 7.  193.2 lbs.  

Over the past couple of days writing on here, I've come to realize that I eat a lot of processed foods.  Not necessarily junk food, like chips and candy all the time, but a lot of foods that have ingredients I shouldn't have to try to pronounce.  That's something I'm going to work on over the next couple of weeks.

Today started out with a bar, not a terrible one but processed nonetheless.

Lunch was a half hoagie cheese sandwich.  Not the most wonderful, but I normally would eat chips with it and I didn't this time.  Score 1 point for me in the battle of food addictions.  I can have a lunch sandwich without chips, and not die of starvation!

I also had some filling snacks throughout the day; bananas before lunch, and peanut butter toast with chia seeds and a small amount of jelly with a couple of leftover apple slices.  There may have been a couple of handfuls of popcorn in there too.

Dinner was brought to you by Hello Fresh.  It's a meal delivery service, in case you've been living under a rock, and you make the meals following the enormous recipe cards included with the pre-preportioned food.  I received this box free because someone shared a code with me.  I am not an affiliate of Hello Fresh.  

The meal was tedious to make, and had a lot of wasteful packaging, but was really good nonetheless.  It incorporated things I'd never have thought of on my own, like roasting chickpeas after covering them in paprika.  Seriously yummy, but not feasible on a regular basis.  

Tomorrow we're heading to the farmers market to load up on veggies and cheeses.  Less processed foods are in my future, stay tuned to see what!