Grand Canyon, 2017

Grand Canyon, 2017

I am uncomfortable.  I am uncomfortable in my own skin.  I am uncomfortable with my relationship with food.  I have an addiction, and that is addiction is food.  It has made me uncomfortable for years, and for a while I had a handle on it.  For the past year I have not. 

I let myself make crappy food and exercise decisions.  I eat sugar like I'll never see it again, and its time to admit that I have a food addiction and I need help.  I eat constantly, even when I'm not hungry.  

I let myself step on the scale today and saw a number I hoped to never see again, 200.  I'm done.  

Starting today, I'm going to be honest about my weight loss journey.  I'm going to share pictures of every single thing I eat, I'm going to share posts of the exercise I do, and I'm going to share my weight loss or gain as it happens.  I'll be honest with myself and with you.